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Deruta, circa 1520
Deruta, circa 1520 - Porcelain & Faience Style Renaissance
Ref : 107141
25 000 €
Period :
<= 16th century
Dimensions :
Ø 16.73 inch
Galerie Tarantino

Antiquities, Old masters paintings and drawings

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Deruta, circa 1520

da Pompa" ceremonial dish
Madonna and Child

Lustrous yellow and blue earthenware?
Diameter: 42.5 cm
Provenance: Collection of Madame Carlo Broglio, Paris

Bibliography: Collection of Madame Carlo Broglio, Paris, Palais Galiera, March 20, 1974, n.50

In Deruta's early 16th-century majolica, some subjects seem rarer than others. This is precisely the case with this large ceremonial dish (da Pompa), depicting in its center a seated Virgin holding in both hands the Infant Jesus seated on her lap. A phylactery bearing the inscription "AVE MARIA ISTELLA MATOTINA ALTA RIGINA" unfolds in the field. In the sky, an eight-rayed star. The border is decorated with a rich compartmentalized geometric pattern. At present, this is the only known dish with this motif.

Galerie Tarantino


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