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Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917
Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917 - Paintings & Drawings Style Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917 - Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917 -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Fritz Lindström (1874-1962)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on board
Dimensions :
l. 20.47 inch X H. 13.78 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917 20th century - Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917  - Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917
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Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) - Saltwater (Kullen) 1917

Fritz Lindström (1874-1962) Sweden

Saltwater (Kullen) 1917

oil on board
signed and dated Fritz Lindström 1917
board dimensions 35 x 52 cm
frame 47 x 64.5 cm

In the world of classic art, few paintings encapsulate the raw power and tranquility of the sea as vividly as Fritz Lindström's "Saltwater (Kullen) 1917". Painted in the year 1917, this evocative piece transports viewers to the shores of Kullen, a peninsula near Höganäs, nestled between Helsingborg and Båstad. Kullen is renowned for its rocky shores, and this painting captures that rugged beauty flawlessly.

The composition showcases robust cliffs bathed in a kaleidoscope of blues, purples, and browns. They stand tall against the onslaught of powerful waves, their varied colors revealing the myriad hues that sunlight can cast upon rock and stone. This juxtaposition of solidity and fluidity is heightened by Lindström's use of brushwork. His rapid strokes, alternating between short and elongated, lend a sense of urgency and movement to the scene. One can almost hear the waves crashing, their white crests surging forward in a dance of nature's power.

Interestingly, while the sea rages with vigor, the sky above remains calm, suggesting good weather. This duality—of both chaos and serenity—is the essence of Kullen. A place where nature's forces converge, yet a sense of peace prevails.

Lindström, born in 1874 and having left an indelible mark in art till 1962, was not just a solitary genius but was also an active member of the Racksta group. His association with such a revered group of artists further cements his place in art history. They were known for their dedication to capturing the spirit and nuances of Scandinavian landscapes. And in "Saltwater (Kullen) 1917", Lindström's expertise is on full display.

This painting is not just a testament to Lindström's skill but also a tribute to Kullen, highlighting its timeless beauty and ever-resilient spirit. It stands as a testament to the genius of Fritz Lindström and the captivating allure of the Scandinavian coast.

Condition: Very good, recently cleaned and new frame from 2023.

Provenance: A Swedish private collection

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