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Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn
Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn - Paintings & Drawings Style Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn - Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Hilding Werner (1880-1944)
Provenance :
Medium :
oil on board
Dimensions :
l. 24.41 inch X H. 18.11 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn 20th century - Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn  - Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn
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Hilding Werner - Landscape With a Red Barn

HILDING WERNER (1880-1944) Swedish

Värmland Landscape With a Red Barn

oil on board
signed H Werner
c. 1940
board dimensions 46 x 62 cm
A walnut tree frame, handmade by Christer Björkman is included, with dimensions 58 x 74 cm.

Hilding Werner, A Värmland artist, was a distinguished Swedish painter and draftsman. Born to landowner Anders Andersson and Inga Maria Johannesdotter, Werner's artistic journey began after completing his studies at Karlstad University. In 1899, he enrolled at Caleb Althin's painting school in Stockholm, simultaneously working as a cartoonist for the newspaper Nya Nisse.

In 1905, Werner embarked on his sole study trip to the Netherlands. However, it was upon settling in Hammartjärnet in 1907 and establishing his own studio that he truly found his artistic niche. During those initial years, he maintained contact with fellow painters in the group known as De Frie and actively participated in their exhibitions.

Upon returning to Värmland, Werner crossed paths with Gustaf Fjæstad, renowned for his romantic and realistic landscape paintings. In 1912, Werner, Fjæstad, and Bror Lindh embarked on a boat trip to visit Otto Hesselbom in Säffle. The encounter with Hesselbom's art left an indelible impression on Werner, significantly shaping his future artistic endeavours.

This particular painting is most likely set in either Gillbergsdalen or Fryksdalen. Its remarkable attention to detail is evident in the seamless transition of colours in the sky, gracefully fading from blue to purple, pink, red, and yellow. The painting exudes meticulousness, capturing the essence of a typical Swedish arable landscape with a red barn as its focal point. The surrounding misty pond reflects the scenery beautifully, making this piece a rare gem in impeccable condition.

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