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"Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912)
"Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912) - Porcelain & Faience Style Art Déco "Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912) - "Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912) - Art Déco Antiquités - "Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912)
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Théodore Rivière
Provenance :
Medium :
Porcelaine, ceramics
Dimensions :
H. 13.39 inch | Ø 3.94 inch
Porcelain & Faience  - "Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912) 20th century - "Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912) Art Déco - "Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912) Antiquités - "Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912)
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"Phryné" d’après Théodore-Rivière (1857/1912)

Biscuit statuette (hard porcelain) dated 1909 produced by the Sèvres factory (stamps and signature on the base). Known as Phryne courtesan mythologica, this depiction of a naked young woman hiding her face is in perfect condition.
Louis Auguste Théodore-Rivière was born in Toulouse. He obtained at the age of 18 a First Prize in composition, in 1876 he was admitted to the Beaux-Arts in Paris and received instruction from the sculptors Jouffroy, Falguière and Antonin Mercié. Member of French Artists since 1894 his works are impregnated with History and Orientalism as well as the influence of his many trips abroad. Today his sculptures are present in the greatest national museums.

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