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Oni No Nembutsu
Oni No Nembutsu - Asian Works of Art Style Oni No Nembutsu - Oni No Nembutsu - Antiquités - Oni No Nembutsu
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Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 9.06 inch X H. 13.78 inch X P. 5.51 inch
Asian Works of Art  - Oni No Nembutsu 19th century - Oni No Nembutsu  - Oni No Nembutsu Antiquités - Oni No Nembutsu
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Oni No Nembutsu

A Japanese great and remarkable bronze okimono, on a wooden base, depicting an Oni, dressed as a priest, accompanied by a young oni.
The main Oni is portrayed standing and smiling, exhibiting typical demonic features such as horns and piercing eyes. He wears a voluminous cloak with golden shin guards, while holding a worn and open umbrella in his right hand.
In his left hand, he holds a register of donors, h?kach?, and with a gong around his neck, he sings the nembutsu, appealing to the Buddha Amida for the salvation of souls.
Oni Nembutsu is a term that refers to a demon who, seeking redemption for their transgressions, assumes the role of a mendicant monk, chanting and carrying the register of devotees.
Behind him stands a small oni, trying to capture his attention, suggesting an interactive dynamic between the two characters.
The bronze sculpture is crafted with exceptional skill and attention to detail. The features of the Oni, the details of the umbrella, and the garments are rendered with great precision.
The entire group is mounted on a gold-decorated wooden base.
Origin: Japan
Period: Meiji second half of the 19th century.
Dimensions: 35 x 23 x 14 cm. 
State of preservation: Very good

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