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Mastromauro Japanese Art


Mastromauro Japanese Art

Via Soperga 25
20127 Milan

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PRESENTATION GALLERY : Mastromauro Japanese Art

Our gallery is located in Milan, we specialise in Japanese art – specifically works of art of Edo-Meiji to Taisho-Showa period, netsuke, okimono, Shibayama, Satsuma, lacquer, cloisonnè and metal works.

There is a word that is often associated with the concept of art, and that is passion. It is our passion that drives our desire to search for objects and works of art on a daily basis. These, above all, reflect our taste.

Japanese art is a complex art that conveys a deep emotion. It is almost always directly linked to nature and scenes of everyday life. To the mysterious figures of the Samurai and the heroes of romanticism and fairy tales. And also to theatrical representations and mythical animals that are part of Shinto and Buddhist symbolism.

They all contribute to forming an almost inexhaustible reserve of sub-objects handled with skill by the artist or craftsman. With a realism so powerful or with a simplicity so evocative as to arouse the interest and admiration of collectors all over the world.

Going beyond the beautiful
Who does not love beauty? Who does not stop to admire the elegance, grace and harmony of things? The answer is obvious.

We, you, are all certainly lovers of ‘beauty’. But this is not enough in our work, we are also looking for something else. We are sustained by a force that pushes us to go beyond, to seek, and reveal, much more than ‘simple’ beauty.

We seek emotions and feelings of awe that can only be found in depth. Hidden meanings waiting to be revealed.

Japanese art is a flourishing soil that shows all its fruits, but hides ancestral secrets, legendary stories and curiosities. It is only by digging deep down that these can reveal themselves and flood the observer with wonder.

Luca and Andrea Mastromauro


From Monday to Friday 10 am - 1pm et 3 pm- 7 pm.


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