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Mastromauro Japanese Art


Mastromauro Japanese Art

Via Soperga 25
20127 Milan

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PRESENTATION GALLERY : Mastromauro Japanese Art

Our gallery is located in Milan, we specialise in Japanese art – specifically works of art of Edo-Meiji to Taisho-Showa period, netsuke, okimono, Shibayama, Satsuma, lacquer, cloisonnè and metal works. This evolution results from the experience gained over the many years in fine antiques dealing. This is why I would like to thank all collectors and antiques dealers we have had the pleasure to meet and who have contributed to improve our taste and knowledge through sharing, as well as helped us develop a wider view of the market..

We buy from renowned domestic and foreign collections and we look for objets d’art we like and know well, that convey emotions – not only “things” to sell, but rare items and collection objects with unaltered economic and cultural value. Just like you, we search for those pieces of fine art everybody cherishes.

In 2016, we published “Japanese Okimono”, a catalogue containing more than 120 Okimono from Italian collections, and annually we edit “Japanese Masterpieces”.

Every year we take part in Amart Fair in Milan and in both mercanteinfiera edition in Parma.

We hope our passion will be contagious and our taste is your taste. Through sharing, these works of art will always be loved and respected.


From Monday to Friday 10 am - 1pm et 3 pm- 7 pm.


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New Arrivals by Mastromauro Japanese Art

20th century
A Japanese study of a cob
A Japanese study of a cob

2 950 €

19th century
Yoshimitsu ?? – Ebisu ???
Yoshimitsu ?? – Ebisu ???

6 500 €

19th century
Kinkozan - A Japanese Satsuma vase
Kinkozan - A Japanese Satsuma vase

1 200 €

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