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The Bath - Antonio Frilli (1860 - 1921)
The Bath - Antonio Frilli (1860 - 1921)  - Sculpture Style Art Déco
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Antonio Frilli (1860 - 1921)
Provenance :
Medium :
White marble sculpture without veins "Bianco Statuario"
Dimensions :
L. 16.93 inch X l. 14.17 inch X H. 22.05 inch
Sculpture  - The Bath - Antonio Frilli (1860 - 1921)

Marble Sculptures from 1800 to 1950

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The Bath - Antonio Frilli (1860 - 1921)

Art Deco Marble sculpture of a beautiful nude young woman lying on a rock. Her right arm rubs on her chest showing that she takes her bath.

Artist :
The Sculpture is signed "A. Frilli Firenze” from Antonio Frilli (Firenze c. 1880 – after 1921 ??)
Antonio Frilli is one of the italian sculptors who excels in the Art Deco period. Altought little is known about the artist in literature, all the sculptures we found back from him testify great skill and virtuosity. Most sculpture that we examined were very popular at auctions around the world.

This sculpture is a perfect example of an Art Deco sculpture of high quality. The elegance of the subject, the details of the carving and the purity of the marble shows us how talented and precise the artist was.

We know that Antonio Frilli owned a well-known workshop in Florence and that he worked on several monuments, busts and funerary works. In 1921 Antonio worked on the monument “Caduti di Iano” with another sculptor Benso Vignolini.
Antonio Frilli is also the author of some works for Charles I of Hohenzollern, King of Romania.

Literature :
- PANZETTA, A. Nuovo Dizionario degli Scultori Italiani dell'Ottocento e del primo Novecento, 3e éd. Italy : Umberto Allemandi & C., 2003. Vol.1. p.377.

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