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Greek art, Tanagra, 4th-3rd c. BC - Young boy
Greek art, Tanagra, 4th-3rd c. BC - Young boy - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 102649
4 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Beige clay and polychromy
Dimensions :
H. 4.92 inch
Galerie Tarantino

Antiquities, Old masters paintings and drawings

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Greek art, Tanagra, 4th-3rd c. BC - Young boy

Statuette representing a young boy holding a purse
Beige clay, traces of slip and pigments
H. 12.5 cm
Provenance : Collection of Colonel Saclaire, sale by Me Taquet, Mantes la Jolie, 11 December 2021
Old inventory number 22836 inscribed at the base of the reverse side

Comparative bibliography : See Violaine Jeammet, Tanagra, Mythe et archéologie, RMN Paris 2003
Cf. Galerie Günter Puhze, Katalog 16, Freiburg in Bresgau 2002, p. 17, n. 143
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This statuette depicts a young boy standing on a square base, slightly stooped and leaning on his left leg. He is wearing a himation folded over his left arm, leaving his bare chest uncovered. His forehead is encircled by a strophion from which the strands of wavy hair escape. He carries a purse in his right hand. These votive statuettes were polychrome. Our statuette is no exception to this rule, in fact it still shows traces of color. The back is pierced with a small vent

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