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Pair of Marines - Paul Bistagne (1850-1886)
Pair of Marines - Paul Bistagne (1850-1886) - Paintings & Drawings Style Pair of Marines - Paul Bistagne (1850-1886) -
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Paul Bistagne (1850-1886)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on pannel
Dimensions :
l. 23.23 inch X H. 16.54 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Pair of Marines - Paul Bistagne (1850-1886) 19th century - Pair of Marines - Paul Bistagne (1850-1886)
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Pair of Marines - Paul Bistagne (1850-1886)

Paul Bistagne (1850-1886)
Painter specialized in marine landscapes

He entered the Beaux-Arts of Marseille at the age of 18 and then went to Paris where he worked alongside the official painter of the navy, François Barry.
From 1875 onwards, his works were exhibited regularly at the major Parisian Salons.

He returned to Marseille to set up a studio where he painted Provençal seascapes, some landscapes, views of Venice and the Bosphorus which he animated with characters.

His works have the particular light of the romantic paintings and the poetry of daybreak or the end of the day. The sun's rays piercing the mist give a particular color to his paintings.

If some compare him to Felix Zien, of whom he was an admirer, his work is closer to his master François Barry, especially in the taste for detachment and realism.

In 1906, during the Colonial Exhibition, a tribute was paid to him by bringing together several of his works for the public.

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