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Winter pleasures
Winter pleasures  - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV Winter pleasures  - Winter pleasures  - Louis XIV
Ref : 101500
13 000 €
Period :
17th century
Artist :
Abraham van Calraet
Provenance :
Medium :
Oak panel
Dimensions :
l. 33.78 inch X H. 23.19 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Winter pleasures 17th century - Winter pleasures Louis XIV - Winter pleasures
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Winter pleasures

This painting was made by Abraham van Calraet in the 17th century. He was a painter and sculptor who specialised in painting still lifes, genre scenes and portraits. His teacher was the painter Albert Cuyp, who also lived in Dordrecht, Calraet home town and the place where the painter worked all his life. What is special about this work is that it is one of the painter's three famous winter scenes and the only one available to a collector, as the other two are kept in museums. The attribution of our painting is confirmed by the monogram on the base. Calraet's magnificent works are preserved in many museums and in various European and American collections.

Dimensions with frame: W 85,8 cm / H 58,9 cm
Dimensions without frame: W 67 cm / H 40,5 cm

Oak panel, Parqueted
Ref RKD Database n°0000013360

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17th Century Oil Painting Louis XIV