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A  pumpkin-shaped tripod ceremonial vase - Comala
A  pumpkin-shaped tripod ceremonial vase - Comala - Ancient Art Style
Ref : 97829
17 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
Comala - COLIMA Mexico
Medium :
Hollow brown terracotta with brown-orange slip
Dimensions :
H. 9.37 inch | Ø 13.07 inch
Ancient Art  - A  pumpkin-shaped tripod ceremonial vase - Comala
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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A pumpkin-shaped tripod ceremonial vase - Comala

This magnificent vase with its soft shapes and stylized lines, sublimated by a warm and lustrous slip, is part of the Comala style, a cultural expression that developed on the northwest coast of Mexico, in the region of Colima, dominated by the volcano of the same name, at the foot of which the fertile valleys have known thousands of years of prosperous occupation.

The local traditions are characterized by the technical and artistic excellence of their ceramics, which are highly prized by collectors for their elegant, delicate shapes, vibrant colours and luminous, satin finish.

This vase, whose quality designates it as a ceremonial object of great value, is a splendid example of this exceptional production, which gives pride of place to plants and animals, in parallel with the very numerous human figures. It represents an imposing pumpkin, from the cucurbitaceae family, which was one of the staple foods of Mesoamerican cultures along with corn and beans. It is therefore a true symbol of life and abundance.

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