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Sloping desk with curves on all sides
Sloping desk with curves on all sides - Furniture Style Louis XV Sloping desk with curves on all sides - Sloping desk with curves on all sides - Louis XV Antiquités - Sloping desk with curves on all sides
Ref : 96793
12 000 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oak, amaranth, satinwood
Dimensions :
L. 33.07 inch X H. 36.22 inch X P. 17.72 inch
Furniture  - Sloping desk with curves on all sides 18th century - Sloping desk with curves on all sides Louis XV - Sloping desk with curves on all sides Antiquités - Sloping desk with curves on all sides
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Sloping desk with curves on all sides

Louis XV period - Mid 18th century
Dimensions : H. 92 cm x W. 84 cm x D. 45 cm

This Parisian sloping desk is curved and inlaid on its four sides. It opens on the front with two drawers and a flap that reveals inside 3 compartments, 4 drawers and a secret compartment. The flap is decorated with a superb marquetry with a cartouche of flowers and bird, which is inserted in a geometric composition. The precious woods used are satinwood and amaranth, whose colors complement each other perfectly. This combination is often the mark of the great cabinetmakers who used these two very expensive woods in the 18th century.

The sloping desks were manufactured in large numbers during the Louis XV period. The most beautiful are the works by "Hache" dinasty in the "Dauphiné" and some very refined Parisian models. We have not found a stamp on this piece of furniture which was obviously created by a great cabinetmaker for a particular order. As always, the quality of the "dos d'âne", as they were called, is extremely diverse. From the rustic three-sided models with steep lines, to the exceptional sloping desks created by BVRB or Dubois, several criteria must be considered in order to properly position the cursor.

The slope of the slat is important: the more vertical it is, the more interior space there is, but the less beautiful the line. In other words, the furniture function is inversely proportional to the quality and price. While not matching the BVRP desks with almost flat tops, our desk has a very nice line thanks to a reduced slope.
The flap of this desk is curved: This technical feat of the cabinetmaker places this desk among the most successful models like those of Dubois, which were often copied in the second half of the 19th century. The pronounced curves are also present at the back, which confirms that this is not an old 3-sided desk "replaqué" at the back as is unfortunately the case today.
The belts are curved: they take up the pronounced curve of the legs, and this on the four faces.
Inside, the care given to the veneer and to the construction of the drawers should be noted. The extremely fine oak frames are precisely assembled with dovetails.

The bronze trim is discreet but of high quality: with just four finely chiseled and gilded sabots and lock escutcheons, the cabinetmaker wished to emphasize the pure line of the piece and the excellence of the marquetry.

This sloping desk is in very good condition. Its veneer is original and has only undergone a few visible restorations due to use and maintenance. The frame, the bronzes and the drawers are all original with the only exception of the leather which is later.

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