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Lobster (Noirmoutier), 1934 - Takanori Oguiss (1901-1986)
Ref : 94784
22 000 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Takanori Oguiss (1901-1986)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on mahogany panel
Dimensions :
H. 13.78 inch
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Lobster (Noirmoutier), 1934 - Takanori Oguiss (1901-1986)

Takanori Oguiss (Takanori Ogisu) 1901-1986
Japanese, worked in France

In my opinion, the best still life painted by Oguiss. It was painted in 1934 while Oguiss was resting at a (then) famous actors' villa in Noirmoutier on the coast in the South West.
The close composition and the mahogany panel visible behind the paint on the table produce are extremely modern. The very difficult subject allows Oguiss to use the full range of his virtuosity (including wet-on-wet painting) without becoming overbearing.

This work has been painted directly on a thin unprimed mahogany panel, and shows no sign of age at all. It is suitable if you are particularly worried about preservation, for instance if you live in a damp or hot and humid region/home.

Dimensions: 26.5 x 35 cm
Excellent quality white gold guilded frame

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