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Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT  (1783-1860)
Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT  (1783-1860) - Paintings & Drawings Style Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT  (1783-1860) - Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT  (1783-1860) -
Ref : 89744
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Pierre-Julien GILBERT (1783-1860)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on pannel
Dimensions :
l. 23.62 inch X H. 16.14 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT  (1783-1860) 19th century - Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT  (1783-1860)  - Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT  (1783-1860)
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Seaside - Pierre-Julien GILBERT (1783-1860)

Oil on panel

Pierre-Julien GILBERT (1783-1860), began his studies with the marine constructor Pierre Ozanne and the great marine painter Louis-Philippe Crépin. He will be a professor at the Naval School. 

The sea is at the heart of the artist's life and work. He was inspired by the painters of the Dutch Golden Age, adding a touch of modernity, more vivid, more expressive.

While realism prevails, the colors chosen, especially for the sky, bring a romantic touch to the atmosphere.

For this pair of oils, the painter chose to represent the boats that come to moor at the edge of the beach. Here, no allegorical vision, no historical naval battles, just a descriptive and realistic will to paint the daily life of fishermen.

The return from fishing is a subject often treated by artists, of all times.

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