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Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904)
Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904) - Sculpture Style Art nouveau Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904) - Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904) - Art nouveau Antiquités - Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904)
Ref : 89068
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Dimensions :
l. 4.33 inch X H. 13.39 inch
Weight :
2.6 Kg
Sculpture  - Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904) 19th century - Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904) Art nouveau - Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904) Antiquités - Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904)
Marc Menzoyan

Antique mirrors, sculpture and decorative arts

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Bacchante - Jean-Léon GEROME (1824/1904)

Statuette representing a bacchante and Dionysus hung on the thyrse to seize a bunch of grapes. Gilded and silvered bronze signed JL GEROME from the end of XIXth century (around 1895) stamp of the founder Siot-Decauville, numbered and monogrammed. Slight wear of age, good general condition.
Jean-Léon Gérome was born in Vesoul (1824/1904), recognized as a painter, sculptor and engraver. His works inspired by orientalism by his multiple travels make him one of the main artists of his time, admirer of Rude, rubbing shoulders with Bartholdi, he enters the school of Fine Arts of Paris in 1842, Paul Delaroche was his training master and his works were exhibited at the Salon from 1847 onwards. He became a professor at the Institut des Beaux-Arts in 1863 and then a member in 1865, in addition to his numerous medals, he was named Commander of the Legion of Honor.

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