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Cornelis Schut the Elder (1597-1655)  - Holy Family
Cornelis Schut the Elder (1597-1655)  - Holy Family - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIII
Ref : 86643
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 31.89 inch X H. 39.57 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Cornelis Schut the Elder (1597-1655)  - Holy Family
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Paintings, works of art from 15th to 18th century

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Cornelis Schut the Elder (1597-1655) - Holy Family

Cornelis Schut the Elder (1597-1655) - Madonna with Child and Saints Elisabetta and Giovannino.
Oil painting on canvas depicting the Virgin and Child with Saints Elisabetta and Giovannino.
Antique frame
Dimensions: canvas 100.5 x 81cm Frame 114x95cm
Expertise: Alessandro Nesi Cornelis Schut The old man (Antwerp, May 13, 1597 - Antwerp, April 29, 1655) was a Flemish painter, draftsman and engraver of the Baroque period. Schut adopted and maintained throughout his career the Baroque style developed from 1625 by painters such as Pietro da Cortona and Guercino. The hallmarks of this style are the keen sense of animation and the pathos expressed through the use of light and color. Schut's style brings us back to the fact that he was a disciple of Rubens. In fact, in a document regarding the assets found in Rubens' house after the death of his first wife, Isabella Brandt, the amount of 17 guilders owed to Cornelis Schut for works is recorded. carried out.

This shows a collaboration between Schut and Rubens. Bibliography of orientation on Cornelis Schut: G. Wilmers, Cornelis Schut (1597-1655), Flemish painter of the High Barocque, Brepols 1996

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Numero 7 Antiquariato


17th Century Oil Painting Louis XIII