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Venus Callipyge - Tlatilco
Venus Callipyge - Tlatilco - Ancient Art Style Venus Callipyge - Tlatilco -
Ref : 84154
15 000 €
Period :
BC to 10th century
Provenance :
TLATILCO - Mexico, 1150 - 600 B.C.
Medium :
Brown hollow terracotta, covered with a brick red slip, with traces of manganese oxide
Dimensions :
l. 4.88 inch X H. 11.93 inch X P. 2.48 inch
Ancient Art  - Venus Callipyge - Tlatilco
Galerie Mermoz

Precolumbian art

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Venus Callipyge - Tlatilco

Condition : Intact
Object sold with a certificate of authenticity and a thermoluminescence test

Planted on her two legs, in a frontal position, this woman leans her head back and unfolds her two arms in a gesture of welcome, imploration, even abandonment, full of tension, suggesting that she is totally in a trance. The observation of her face, moreover, speaks in this sense: her exaggeratedly wide and hollow eyes, with a thin pupil incised vertically, evoking the hypnotic gaze of a snake, as well as her open mouth with the chin slightly forward. , reflect the intensity of the hallucinatory visions to which she seems subject to.

This attitude, forcefully expressing a modified state of consciousness, as well as the characteristics of this effigy (discs on the ears, elaborate tonsure on the head, strongly elongated skull indicating a ritual deformation specific to dignitaries) suggest that it is a representation of an important female shaman, whom the members of the village came to consult so that she questions the spirits in order to obtain their assistance.

In line with these arms, small breasts are placed on the chest. There follows a pretty pinched waist, drawn very high under the arms, then a long bust leading to wide and round hips and finally strong spherical legs, held straight by two wide and round feet, whose toes are not detailed and whose sole appears hollowed out when observed from below the work.

Galerie Mermoz


Ancient Art