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Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers
Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers - Furniture Style Louis XV Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers - Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers - Louis XV Antiquités - Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers
Ref : 83878
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
France, Bordeaux
Medium :
Solid Cuban Mahogany
Dimensions :
l. 49.21 inch X H. 32.68 inch X P. 26.38 inch
Furniture  - Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers 18th century - Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers Louis XV - Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers
Antiquités Philippe Glédel

18th Furniture, country french furniture

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Bordeaux mahogany chest of drawers

Louis XV Bordeaux chest of drawers in solid mahogany, curved on all sides in plan and in elevation, opening with four drawers in three rows.
This dresser is absolutely the archetype of the beautiful Bordeaux production of the 18th century, a low dresser, with superbly clean lines and perfect curves, built in a beautiful mahogany from Cuba.
It is topped with a wooden tray, with a molded rim of a bec-de-corbin, made of a large 57 cm plank at the front and a small one at the back, with offset pegs by tenons mortises on the crosspieces on the sides. The uprights are scoured with molded reserves and punctuated with scrolled feet called "snails". Note the quality of these, both front and rear: perfect sculpture, good balance, harmonious arrangement of the whole. We also note the success of the median cut, typical of Bordeaux, and here well signified. The intermediate rails as well as the interior angles of the uprights are hemmed with an ogee molding which forms a frame around the drawers, while the latter have their edges underlined by a band plate. The low crossing is embellished with a fretwork well underlined by a molding which continues on the side rails.
The beautifully brown-red furniture is lit by a beautiful original chiseled bronze trim, handles with rosettes called "daisy" and Louis XV keyholes (bronzes ordered from the capital).
Very good quality frame, with chestnut back, exotic wood drawer interiors and chestnut backgrounds, as well as the so-called "dust cover" intermediate floors.
Excellent original condition, almost no restoration of the wood, except for two or three very small grafts - almost invisible - on the lower crossing and replacement of the upper panel of the lower part of the left side - in Cuban mahogany - and replacement of the locks on the 19th century and slides and counter-slides by us.
Superb original patina.
Bordeaux - mid-18th century.

Antiquités Philippe Glédel


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