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Mary with the baby Jesus
Mary with the baby Jesus - Sculpture Style Middle age Mary with the baby Jesus - Mary with the baby Jesus - Middle age Antiquités - Mary with the baby Jesus
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Period :
<= 16th century
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H. 23.23 inch
Sculpture  - Mary with the baby Jesus <= 16th century - Mary with the baby Jesus Middle age - Mary with the baby Jesus Antiquités - Mary with the baby Jesus
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Mary with the baby Jesus

Mary with the baby Jesus, oak, North German, first quarter of the 16th century. The sculpture can possibly be attributed to the famous master Benedikt Dreyer from Lübeck.
The Mother of God stands with her free leg on a crescent moon, on her right hand she holds the baby Jesus, in her left hand she probably held a scepter, which identifies her as Queen of Heaven. She wears a highly belted robe that covers her entire body. Fine strands of hair frame the very elegant and finely crafted face, which is crowned by a subtle crown. The back was probably previously closed with a board. The museum work was probably originally surrounded by a halo on the back. Height: 59cm.

**Benedikt Dreyer: Overview of His Life and Work**

### Introduction

Benedikt Dreyer, a renowned sculptor of the late Middle Ages, is a major figure in North German art. Active primarily in Lübeck, a prosperous Hanseatic city, his works are emblematic of late Gothic art.

### Life and Training

Born around 1480, little precise information about Dreyer's birth and training is available. He appears in Lübeck in the early 1500s, likely trained by a local master sculptor.

### Artistic Characteristics

Dreyer is known for his detailed and expressive sculptures. His style is distinguished by the precision of details, realistic representation of fabrics and bodies, and the liveliness of facial expressions and gestures. His works show influences from Dutch art, particularly Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden.

### Major Works

**High Altar of St. Catherine's Church in Lübeck**
One of his most famous works, created around 1522/23, features biblical scenes with remarkable precision.

**Other Works**
- Altar of St. Anne's Church in Lübeck
- Sculptures for St. Mary's Church in Lübeck
- Various small devotional statues and reliefs

### Influence and Legacy

Dreyer had a significant impact on the art of his time, influencing many contemporary and future artists. Despite the loss of several of his works over the centuries, those that remain testify to his exceptional talent.

### Conclusion

Benedikt Dreyer, master of late Gothic sculpture, left an important artistic legacy. His works, rich in detail and expressiveness, continue to be valuable testimonies of the culture and spirituality of the North German Middle Ages.

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