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"L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922)
"L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922) - Sculpture Style Art nouveau "L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922) - "L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922) - Art nouveau Antiquités - "L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922)
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Henri Plé
Provenance :
Medium :
White Carrara marble
Dimensions :
L. 11.22 inch X l. 9.06 inch X H. 28.35 inch
Sculpture  - "L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922) 20th century - "L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922) Art nouveau - "L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922) Antiquités - "L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922)

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"L'Echo des Bois" - Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922)

"L'Echo des Bois" by Henri Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922)

"L'Echo des Bois" is a spectacular display of Henri Honoré Plé's masterful ability to encapsulate both elegance and natural beauty in his sculptures. Artfully embodying the Art Nouveau aesthetic oh this time.

The scene unfurls with a young woman in her natural state, her form perfectly sculpted and presented with a captivating balance of modesty and allure. She rests comfortably on a flowering tree trunk, the organic
curves and textures of which are rendered with a meticulous eye for detail. A drape gracefully encircles her waist, adding an element of softness and movement to the overall composition.

The woman's elegant gesture of raising her hair to expose her ears symbolises her openness and connection to the nature around her, further reinforced by the inscription "L'Echo des Bois" on the front of the base. This title, which translates to "The Echo of the Woods," perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the piece and its celebration of nature's harmony.

The French sculptor Henri Honoré Plé (Paris 1853 - 1922)

Henri Honoré Plé (1853 - 1922), born in Paris on March 8, 1853, was an artist whose name became synonymous with a sophisticated blend of romanticism and realism. His journey into the world of art began under the tutelage of renowned artists Gérault and Mathurin Moreau, where he honed his skills and developed his distinctive style.

Plé made his debut at the fair in 1877, where he exhibited a variety of sculptures crafted from bronze and occasionally marble. He continued to display his art at this prestigious event throughout his life, each piece
further solidifying his reputation as a master sculptor.

While Plé's work often featured powerful male figures and heroes of mythology, likely influenced by his mentor Gérault, he also developed a reputation for creating delicate, romantic scenes under Mathurin Moreau's
influence. This duality in his work - the masculine strength and the feminine delicacy - truly set him apart and showcased his versatility as an artist.
This sculpture is a testament to Plé's significant influence and contribution to the Art Nouveau period.

As a student of Gérault and Mathurin Moreau, Plé's work carries an unmistakable imprint of his mentors' styles, blending their teachings with his own unique perspective.

Just like his other masterpieces such as "La Becquée", "Mimi - La Boheme", and "Message of the Birds", "L'Echo des Bois" exudes a timeless charm and a profound sentimentality that is characteristic of Ple's body of work. His bronze sculpture "Le Premier Pas" is proudly displayed in the esteemed "Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lille," further cementing his reputation as a noteworthy figure in sculpture history.

In owning "L'Echo des Bois", you not only acquire a stunning piece of art but also a part of art history.
This sculpture is more than just a decorative piece; it's a symbol of an era, a celebration of feminine beauty, and a testament to Ple's extraordinary talent.

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