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Georges Barat-levraux (1878-1964) - Little Girls Reading
Georges Barat-levraux (1878-1964) - Little Girls Reading - Paintings & Drawings Style Art nouveau
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Georges Barat-levraux (1878-1964)
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 15.35 inch X l. 12.2 inch
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Paintings and drawings, from 16th to 19th century

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Georges Barat-levraux (1878-1964) - Little Girls Reading

Georges Barat-Levraux (1878-1964)
Young Girls Reading

Pastel on paper, 39 x 31 cm

Private Collection

Georges Barat-Levraux, a French artist born in 1878 and deceased in 1964, is known for his delicate representations of everyday life scenes. His works, often executed in pastel, capture the softness and innocence of childhood, as demonstrated by this piece, Young Girls Reading. The pastel on paper, with its soft tones and rich textures, allows Barat-Levraux to create an intimate and soothing atmosphere.

In this scene, two young girls are engrossed in reading a book, absorbed in a moment of concentration and companionship. Their delicately modeled faces and the pastel shades used for their clothing and the background create a visual harmony that reflects the tranquility of the moment. The gentle light that caresses their hair and clothing further enhances this impression of serenity.

Barat-Levraux is part of the lineage of Belle Époque artists, a period marked by a celebration of beauty and the sweetness of life. A contemporary of Renoir and Degas, he shares with them an interest in depicting domestic scenes and everyday life, although his style is distinguished by a more intimate and less theatrical touch.

Young Girls Reading is an eloquent example of the artist's skill in capturing the simplicity and purity of childhood moments. His expert use of pastel not only depicts the textures of fabrics and environments but also conveys the emotional depth of his subjects. This work, through its softness and delicacy, remains a touching testament to Georges Barat-Levraux's talent for immortalizing the precious moments of childhood.

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