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Presumed portrait of Madame de Montespan - Gabriel REVEL (1643-1712)
Presumed portrait of Madame de Montespan - Gabriel REVEL (1643-1712) - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV
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Period :
17th century
Artist :
Gabriel REVEL (1643-1712)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 29.53 inch X H. 38.78 inch

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Presumed portrait of Madame de Montespan - Gabriel REVEL (1643-1712)

Gabriel REVEL (Château-Thierry 1643 - 1712 Dijon)
Portrait as Judith, presumed to be of the Marquise de Montespan, née Françoise de
Rochechouart de Mortemart (1640-1707)

Oil on canvas
98.5 x 75 cm.

Signed and dated, on the entablature: Revel pinxit 1688 Presented in a fine gilded and carved wood frame, Regency period

Possibly the “Judith and Holofernes” cited at the Château de Petit-Bourg, home of the Duc d'Antin, in 1736: “un dessus de trumeau de 3'[pieds]6”[pouces]: “Judith et Holopherne” (presumably for the bedroom in the Pavillon Nord).
Private collection, Paris

This captivating new portrait by Gabriel Revel, executed in 1688, presents a striking portrait of a woman embodying the spirit of the biblical heroine Judith. Positioned against the severed head of Holofernes, she holds a sword in her right hand, now at rest after fulfilling its function.

The interplay of colors and textures is masterfully employed by the artist, long a fellow portraitist of Charles Le Brun. A vermilion-red drapery that resembles a stream of blood divides the composition between the woman's lower body and her decapitated head. Her crystalline blue dress, achieved through the meticulous use of lapis lazuli powder, adds an ethereal elegance to the scene.

Revel's skillful execution goes beyond the conventional standards of the time. The depth of psychological insight portrayed in the woman's gaze is remarkable, especially at a time when superficial satisfaction often prevailed. Here, we meet a woman who has chosen to be portrayed at great expense, embodying the courage and determination of Judith, vanquisher of a powerful enemy.

This painting is a testament to Revel's artistic prowess and his ability to capture the complexities of human emotion and historical resonance in a single frame. A rare gem that stands the test of time, offering viewers a glimpse of a moment of triumph and defiance.



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