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18th century Lombardia Chest Of Drawers
18th century Lombardia Chest Of Drawers - Furniture Style Louis XVI 18th century Lombardia Chest Of Drawers -
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18th century
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L. 23.62 inch X l. 36.22 inch X H. 47.24 inch
Furniture  - 18th century Lombardia Chest Of Drawers 18th century - 18th century Lombardia Chest Of Drawers
Riccardo Moneghini

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18th century Lombardia Chest Of Drawers

The main characteristics of a Louis XVI chest of drawers are a straight line, simpler, more sober and geometric, inspired by Greco-Roman classicism; the composure of the geometric shapes is therefore opposed to the capricious, bizarre and complex scrolls of the Rococo. 

Simpler and more sober, but always of refined execution, in the minute details, the Louis XVI style is characteristic for the geometric rigor of the ornament and for the sharpness of the volumes of the furniture. 

This is a Louis XVI chest of drawers inlaid and threaded in walnut, rosewood, bois de rose and interior in walnut, measuring 120 x 90 x 60 cm from the second half of the 18th century with a linear structure and a refinement of the inlays that lead back to the workshop of the Maggiolini. 

In the two lower drawers the separation is not highlighted, thus creating a large mirror with the dark and shiny splendor of walnut with the veneer arranged in a herringbone pattern. 

On this a rectangular frame with a repetitive leaf motif encloses a circle with a large scene with mythological characters. 

In the drawer under the counter, the decoration emphasizes its horizontality. A frame similar to that of the two drawers but of smaller proportions, closes a decoration formed by angels that rhythm beaded festoons, holding floral motifs.

The same frame is found on the sides where it frames other mythological characters with a beautiful play of woods between walnut, rosewood and bois de rose that give color and warmth to the piece of furniture itself, while on the horizontal plane a perfectly identical theme to the two lower central drawers with mythological characters represented in the same shape and with the same woods, absolutely unusual and very fine is made with great care and elegance. 

The tapered legs have a phytomorphic motif on all four sides inserted in a frame that emphasizes the shape, the nut stands out dark and without decoration, however, having a fine decorative curl on the side and made only for the most important drawers.

 Looking at it in its essence, a truly refined chest of drawers appears, warm in colors and excellently united in the construction of the woods; to this we add the unique inlay, almost unrepeatable despite the large amount of Louis XVI chest of drawers on the market that make it special and differentiate it from the crowd precisely for these delicate and fine details that highlight its appearance and its elegance. 

The chest, in perfect condition, comes from a private home. 

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