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Kaga Kabuto
Kaga Kabuto - Asian Works of Art Style
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Period :
18th century
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Medium :
Bronze, iron, ...

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Kaga Kabuto

Suji bachi kabuto with 8 iron plates covered with shinodare.
This magnificent helmet is typical of those made in the Kaga province during the first half of the Edo period.
Each of the plates is skillfully decorated in relief with a bojo shinodare emerging from beneath the tehen, the smith aroused interest by varying slightly the length of the shinodare.
The mabisashi and fukigaeshis are covered in leather with a gilded copper fukurin, the mabisashi has a bronze kirigane and the fukigaeshis have a crest of the family clan "Hanabishi".
The ko manju type shikoro is made up of 5 black lacquered iron blades, the interior is gold lacquered, the blades are joined by blue "asagito sugake odoshi" lacing.

Helmet from the Myochin school in Kaga province.
This region drawing its wealth from the fertile plains of western Japan, the Kaga samurai developed a unique style that was both sumptuous and highly creative.

Edo period, Late 17th century, Genroku era: 1688 - 1703

Publication: Katchu Bugu, The association for the research and preservation of the Japanese helmet and armor


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