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Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893
Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893 - Paintings & Drawings Style Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893 - Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893 - Antiquités - Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)
Dimensions :
l. 11.61 inch X H. 17.32 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893 19th century - Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893  - Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893 Antiquités - Allan Österlind (1855- 1938)  - Sevilla, 1893
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Allan Österlind (1855- 1938) - Sevilla, 1893

Allan Österlind, a Swedish artist who became a well known figure in French art circles, beautifully captures the essence of Andalusian culture in his 1893 watercolor painting, "Sevilla." Born to Per August Österlind and Johanna Petronella Skoog, Österlind embarked on his artistic journey at the Konstakademin in Stockholm and later honed his skills at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Originally training as a sculptor under Pierre-Jules Cavelier, Österlind transitioned to painting, a medium through which he found profound expression and acclaim.

Allan Österlind's "Sevilla" captures a compelling glimpse into traditional Spanish life, reflecting the artist's time in Spain in 1893. The watercolour features a group of four figures dressed in cultural attire, exuding a sense of daily life and communal interaction in Sevilla. A mature woman, adorned in a blue and white traditional dress, sits prominently in the foreground, her face marked by an expression of thoughtful engagement. Next to her stands a younger woman in a vibrant red shawl, playing a guitar, adding a musical element that suggests a typical leisure scene.

Two other figures, a young girl and a man in a traditional hat, complete the group, contributing to the narrative of a community scene. The man's attire and posture hint at a story of rural or market life, possibly after a day's work. The backdrop and the simple, yet expressive use of watercolor enhance the rustic and warm feel of the scene, suggesting the simplicity and the vibrancy of life in Sevilla during the late 19th century.

This painting not only showcases Österlind's adeptness with watercolor but also reflects his deep engagement with the places he visited. His ability to capture the essence of Andalusian culture, with its vivid colors and dynamic expressions, speaks to his broader artistic journeys.

Österlind's life was marked by a constant exploration of new environments and artistic techniques. After settling in France in 1877, he became an active participant in the Parisian art scene, frequently exhibiting at the Paris Salon and becoming associated with the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. His paintings, often inspired by his travels and the people he encountered, are celebrated for their sensitivity and vibrant portrayal of everyday life.

watercolour on paper
signed and dated Allan Österlind Sivilla 1893
the motif is c. 44 x 29,5 cm
frame 63 x 47.5 cm

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