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Decius Mus , Flemish school of the 17th century
Decius Mus , Flemish school of the 17th century - Paintings & Drawings Style
Ref : 111374
17 500 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Flemish school
Medium :
Oil on panel
Dimensions :
l. 27.56 inch X H. 32.28 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Decius Mus , Flemish school of the 17th century
Jan Muller


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Decius Mus , Flemish school of the 17th century

Oil on panel
Collection Ch. Dedelmeyers, auction Paris June 3-5, 1907.
Collection P. Merschs, auction Paris, May 1908.
Collection Osborne Klings
Dimensions: 82 x 70 cm, 100 x 8ç cm (framed)

In the heart of the Roman camp, Publius Decius Mus, son of Quintus, stood tall before his assembled army, his voice ringing out with conviction as he recounted the fateful dream that had visited him and his fellow consul. It was the year 340 BC, and the fate of Rome hung in the balance as they prepared to face the forces of Capua.
With fervor and solemnity, Decius Mus relayed the divine decree that had been bestowed upon them in their sleep – victory would belong to the army whose general pledged himself and his enemies to the gods of the underworld and the Earth. The weight of destiny pressed upon their shoulders as they grappled with the knowledge that sacrifice would be required to secure Rome's triumph.
Gathering his senior officers and soldiers around him, Decius Mus revealed the sacred plan that had been unveiled to them. Should the left wing falter in battle, he declared, he would offer himself as a willing sacrifice to the gods, ensuring the army's ultimate success.
As the day of battle dawned, tensions ran high among the ranks as they faced the formidable army of the Latins. When the left wing began to falter under the onslaught of the enemy, Decius Mus wasted no time in summoning the Pontifex Maximus, M. Valerius, seeking guidance on the ritual of deovtio.
With unwavering resolve, Decius Mus performed the prescribed ritual acts and uttered a prayer to the gods, invoking their divine favor and protection. Clad in full armor, he spurred his horse forward with supernatural vigor, plunging into the midst of the enemy with fearless determination.
The awe-struck Latins recoiled in fear at the sight of Decius Mus's ferocity, hesitating to engage him in combat. Even as darts rained down upon him, he pressed forward, creating a gaping void in the enemy lines that the Roman soldiers swiftly exploited.

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17th Century Oil Painting