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17th century silver gilt medal, Strasbourg
17th century silver gilt medal, Strasbourg - silverware & tableware Style
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17th century
silverware & tableware  - 17th century silver gilt medal, Strasbourg
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17th century silver gilt medal, Strasbourg

Medal for the corporations of Strasbourg
Engraved by J. G. Lutz and F. Fecher, 1628.
Struck in silver and then gilded.
Diameter: 44 mm.

The city is depicted with two angels flying over it, one holding a crown, the other a palm and supporting a fleur-de-lis. In the field, STRAS – BURG; below: IO: GEORG – LUTZ • FEC: ; in the exergue, an ornate cartouche, with 16 – 27 on either side and in its center, the legend: O WIE WOL IST • / DER SELBEN STAT • / DIE • AVFGOT • IHRVER / THRAV – ENHAT.

Helmeted shield of Strasbourg supported by two lions; below, the initials in monogram FF (Frédéric Fecher); around, the twenty shields of the corporations forming a circle; under each shield is a letter, namely: S (Spiegel) – F (Freyburger) – L (Lucern) – S (Stelz) – K (Kürchner) – G (Gerber) –S (Schneider) – S (Schumacher) – Z (Zimmerleute) – M (Maurer) – G (Gærtner) – F (Fischer) – S (Schmiede) – W (Weinsticher) – K (Küfer) – B (Bæcker) – M (Mœhrin) – T (Tucher) – B (Blume) – E (Enker). EL 542. Voltz 720.

Superb silver gilt medal to which two hoops have been soldered in order to use as a hat ornament.

Frédéric Fecher (circa 1588 in Strasbourg, + circa 1660 in Strasbourg): After his apprenticeship as a goldsmith, he became a member in 1612 of the Strasbourg Corporation of the Echasse (Zunft zur Stehtz), which brought together the trades of jewelry and watchmaking. Initially only a goldsmith, until around 1627, he later became a medallist. From 1640 to 1643, he stayed in Basel without belonging to a corporation, where he was prohibited from working with gold and silver, which led him to pursue his career as a medallist. He returned to Strasbourg in 1653.

Emmanuel Soubielle Works of Art

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