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Arnould de Vuez (1644 - 1720) - Saint Thomas of Villanueva Healing the Sick
Arnould de Vuez (1644 - 1720) - Saint Thomas of Villanueva Healing the Sick - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV
Ref : 109910
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on panel
Dimensions :
L. 23.62 inch X l. 17.72 inch
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Arnould de Vuez (1644 - 1720) - Saint Thomas of Villanueva Healing the Sick

Arnould de Vuez (1644 - 1720) - "Saint Thomas of Villanueva Healing the Sick"

Provenance: Private collection, rediscovered post-retrospective.
Medium: Oil on panel
Dimensions: H. 60 cm; W. 45 cm
Date: Circa 1692

Unveiled to the market for the first time, this modello of dramatic intensity is a pivotal piece in the oeuvre of Arnould de Vuez. It served as the preparatory work for one of the two major paintings commissioned by the convent of the Augustinians in Lille, which is preserved, though currently unexhibited, in the reserves of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lille. This work, devoid of later revisions, reflects with remarkable accuracy the artist’s vision for the final commission, with the sole notable exception being the subsequent addition of a monk in the background of the final painting, likely the patron who commissioned it.

Historical and Artistic Significance:
This modello is a rare testament to the talent of Arnould de Vuez before his definitive relocation to Lille, marking a turning point in his career. His success with the works for the Augustinians cemented his reputation, prompting him to leave Paris. The tenebrist character, reminiscent of Poussin, bears witness to a style of gravity and seriousness that was highly esteemed and solidified his notoriety as the 'premier painter of French Flanders.'

The piece is in good condition, displaying the patina of age while retaining the original brilliance and depth of color.

An invaluable addition for any collector passionate about Baroque religious art, this modello is not just a masterpiece of Vuez's artistic transition but also a window into the Christian charity of the era, embodied by Saint Thomas of Villanueva.

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17th Century Oil Painting Louis XIV