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Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) - The Young Musician
Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) - The Young Musician - Paintings & Drawings Style Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) - The Young Musician - Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) - The Young Musician -
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932)
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
l. 12.2 inch X H. 15.75 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) - The Young Musician 19th century - Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) - The Young Musician
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Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) - The Young Musician

Hans Peter Lindeburg (1854-1932) Danish

The Young Musician

oil on canvas
signed Lindebûrg. HP.
unframed: 40 x 31 cm (16 x 12 inches)
framed: 57 x 48 cm (22 x 19 inches)

A Swedish private collection.

This exquisite artwork has been meticulously restored by a professional art conservator in 2024. The restoration has revitalized the painting's colors, rendering them vivid and pristine. It comes with a new gold frame that is included in the purchase.

Depicted is a young boy with a guitar hanging over his shoulder who is turned away from the viewer, his gaze directed to something unseen, leaving us to wonder about his thoughts. The skilful application of light not only illuminates the boy but also highlights the delicate textures of his clothing and the gentle contours of his face, creating a scene that feels both intimate and distant.

Hans Peter Lindeburg, born July 15, 1854, in Copenhagen, was a Danish painter known for his genre scenes and historical genre works. He was the son of superintendent Hans Jacob Vilhelm Lindeburg and Emilie Frederikke Hansen. After graduating from Sorø Academy at 19, he attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, receiving his diploma in 1880. Lindeburg debuted at Charlottenborg in 1881 with the genre paintings "The Model Resting" and "Orphaned" and continued to exhibit regularly. His notable works include "Holberg in his Study" which was awarded the Neuhausen Prize in 1883, and "Ole Vind Preaching to Christian IV."

Lindeburg's travels through France and Southern Germany in 1881, 1892, and 1894 influenced his artistic development, and he later became known for his illustration work. In addition to his artistic practice, Lindeburg contributed to the educational sphere as a teacher at the Technical Institute in Copenhagen. His paintings, like "The Young Musician," reflect a blend of everyday life scenes and a historical narrative, showcasing his ability to capture the essence of Danish culture and the human experience.

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