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Screen candlestick circa 1745
Screen candlestick circa 1745 - Lighting Style Louis XV Screen candlestick circa 1745 - Screen candlestick circa 1745 - Louis XV Antiquités - Screen candlestick circa 1745
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Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Painted and gilded china , gilded bronze
Dimensions :
H. 10.24 inch
Lighting  - Screen candlestick circa 1745 18th century - Screen candlestick circa 1745 Louis XV - Screen candlestick circa 1745
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Screen candlestick circa 1745

This rare and very elegant light fixture is made as a mounted object.
The tray is made of soft Vincennes porcelain in the shape of a shell valve, with a very naturalistic irregular pattern.
The interior is celestial blue decorated with concretion and coral motifs.
The exterior is white decorated with a frieze of flowers.
The bronze frame grips the porcelain valve, scrolled feet carry the light fixture.
The hanging arm is carved with vines.
The quality of the deep and elaborate carving of the binet and its bobeche as well as that of the fine frame surrounding the shell is very striking of the period.
Screens, essential elements of life under the Ancien Régime, made it possible to live sheltered from drafts and in relative privacy.
The screen candlesticks, once hung, became wall lights to illuminate the reserved space.
We are in the category of specialized lighting fixtures, in fact we can only hang them on a vertical panel or place them.

This rare and precious object is the creation of a mercer, we cannot know if he also designed the porcelain valve before ordering it from the Vincennes factory or if he used an already existing cup and designed this luminaire by integrating it into the bronze assembly.
But the valve pattern, inspired by Chinese naturalist porcelain brought from the Orient and used by merchants for their creations of mounted objects, leads one to think that the merchant who made this fixture also designed the valve for the Vincennes workshops. .
And this to reproduce the spirit of an object mounted with oriental porcelain.

State :
Excellent condition, no loss or accident.

Height: 26 cm, diameter 15, cup height 3.5 cm,

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