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 A Wooded Landscape With Riders - Attributed to Pieter Gysels (1621-1690/91)
 A Wooded Landscape With Riders - Attributed to Pieter Gysels (1621-1690/91) - Paintings & Drawings Style  A Wooded Landscape With Riders - Attributed to Pieter Gysels (1621-1690/91) -
Ref : 104849
15 000 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on copper
Dimensions :
l. 9.25 inch X H. 7.48 inch
Paintings & Drawings  -  A Wooded Landscape With Riders - Attributed to Pieter Gysels (1621-1690/91) 17th century -  A Wooded Landscape With Riders - Attributed to Pieter Gysels (1621-1690/91)
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A Wooded Landscape With Riders - Attributed to Pieter Gysels (1621-1690/91)

Pieter Gysels (also called Peeter Gijsels) (Antwerpen, 1621-1690/91) 
Attributed to 

A Wooded Landscape With Riders

oil on copper
19 x 23.5 cm
with frame 29 x 34.5 cm
RKD no 307865
Expertise: Ellis Dullaart

A Swedish private collection. 

Compare with this landscapes in the Georg-August University, Göttingen: Landschaft mit Jägern & Landschaft mit Herde 

Pieter Gysels, also known as Peeter Gijsels, was a renowned Flemish painter who lived from 1621 to 1690/91. He was known for his landscapes, which often depicted idyllic scenes from nature, and his works are highly sought after by Old Master collectors. We are proud to offer a newly discovered pair of landscapes attributed to him; this one called "A Wooded Landscape With Riders"

This stunning painting captures the beauty of a serene summer day in the countryside. In the foreground, we see a couple riding on horsebacks, enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The horses seems to be trotting gently, and the riders are relaxed, taking in the natural splendour around them. In the distance, we see several other figures, perhaps farmers or peasants, doing their daily tasks. We also see a small stream flowing through the landscape, with several small houses. And in the background, we see a beautiful wooded area with tall trees reaching up towards the sky.

The attention to detail in this painting is truly remarkable. Gysels use of vibrant colours evoke the warmth and beauty and he skillfully captured the play of light on the landscape, creating a sense of depth and atmosphere. The detailing of the cottages, the colors, the use of big-leafed plants in the foreground, and the figure types are typical of his signature style. 

"A Wooded Landscape With Riders" is painted on copper, which gives the painting a unique luminosity and depth. The use of copper as a support for paintings was popular in the seventeenth century.

We also have one more painting called "Wooded Landscape With an Elegant Company". These two paintings have been together since they were painted. We highly recommend purchasing these two paintings as a set. If you are interested in buying as a set, please get in touch with us, and we will give you a good discount.

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