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Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch
Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch  - Paintings & Drawings Style Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch  - Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch  - Antiquités - Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch
Ref : 104839
2 750 €
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Christian Berg (1893–1976)
Provenance :
Medium :
Pencil and watercolor on board
Dimensions :
l. 11.61 inch X H. 14.96 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch 20th century - Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch  - Christian Berg (1893–1976)  - Beneath the Birch
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Christian Berg (1893–1976) - Beneath the Birch

Signed Chr. Berg
pencil and watercolor on board
38 x 29.5 cm
frame dimensions 54 x 45 cm
the frame with UV protected glass is included

We are proud to present an exquisite drawing by the renowned artist Christian Berg (1893-1976), executed around the 1920s. This captivating artwork portrays a landscape, showcasing the artist's remarkable talent and attention to detail.

The focal point of the composition rests on the left, where a solitary leafless birch tree gracefully extends its branches across the entire expanse of the sky. The artist's meticulous rendering of the intricate branch structure is truly awe-inspiring, displaying an impressive level of detail and precision.

To the right of the birch tree, some water comes into view and behind the birch tree, several spruce trees emerge, their forms delicately captured with green watercolor strokes. The surrounding ground, adorned with a lush green wash, seamlessly integrates with the natural environment of the trees.

In the background, the artist employs the soft hues of watercolor to depict distant, misty mountains. The bluish tones create a sense of depth, enhancing the overall serenity and vastness of the scene.

"My sculptural work is an expression of what captivates and engages me, whether it's a unique flower, a tree's form, a stone, or a seashell fragment on the beach that one desires to turn into poetry, or transforming a figure into a monumental stance, where the interplay of proportions seeks to evoke a sense of gravity and religiosity."
- Christian Berg

Christian Berg, primarily known for his later abstract sculptures, demonstrates his versatility an artist through this exceptional landscape drawing. While his abstract sculptures have gained significant acclaim and are highly sought after by collectors, this earlier work showcases his skillful mastery of capturing the essence of nature with astonishing precision.

The drawing's meticulous details and the artist's profound understanding of the beauty of the natural world make it a true masterpiece. It serves as a testament to Christian Berg's artistic range and his ability to evoke emotion and connection through his diverse body of work.

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