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 Franz von BAYROS (1866-1924) - Les amants
 Franz von BAYROS (1866-1924) - Les amants - Paintings & Drawings Style Art nouveau
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Period :
19th century
Dimensions :
L. 14.76 inch X l. 11.02 inch
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Franz von BAYROS (1866-1924) - Les amants

Franz von Bayros, an Austrian artist renowned for his erotic illustrations, chose to depict an intimate scene between two lovers, set in the lush gardens of a château that can be seen in the background.
The protagonists, dressed in the fashion of the Louis XVI era, are depicted with striking elegance. The young woman boldly exposes her breasts, while her lover, kneeling before her, expresses a posture of adoration and submission by gently kissing her hand. This symbolic gesture testifies to the lover's deep devotion and unconditional admiration for his mistress.
A small dog, sitting obediently beside the couple, adds a touch of charm to the scene. This unexpected element adds a touch of tenderness and complicity, symbolising the loyalty and affection shared between the lovers. The presence of the dog also suggests the tranquillity and peace of this secret love, preserved in the privacy of the château grounds.
Through this tension between desire and restraint, Bayros expresses a subtly erotic, even sulphurous atmosphere.

Galerie Meier


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