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Pair Of Andirons Circa 1720
Pair Of Andirons Circa 1720 - Architectural & Garden Style Louis XIV Pair Of Andirons Circa 1720 -
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Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Chiselled ormolu bronze, wrought iron
Dimensions :
H. 14.96 inch
Architectural & Garden  - Pair Of Andirons Circa 1720 18th century - Pair Of Andirons Circa 1720
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Pair Of Andirons Circa 1720

This pair of andirons is composed in the principle of the obelisk andirons that André-Charles Boulle (1642-1732) designed and made at the beginning of the 18th century.
This model rests on three lion's paws, between the legs a "tail lamp" drop is adorned with a bay and acanthus leaves. A curved ingot mold frieze is wedged between three large chiseled volutes of berries and leaves.
The arched obelisk body is dug on its four faces with speckled reserves bearing the attributes of Mars, rings bear the attributes and garlands of flowers. The summit is structured at the top of a pinnacle and ends with a bay reminiscent of that of the "end of lamp".
The log bars are original and we see the traces of folds in the iron that are created when it is beaten in the forge to give it an internal architecture making it more resistant, especially when exposed to high temperatures. It should also be noted that the non-visible parts are marked by unsmoothed file work.
A similar model but with two lion's paws and not three was published by Mariette in a collection of models entitled "New drawings of furniture and works of bronze and marquetry invented and engraved by André-Charles Boulle.
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State :
Very good state. Beautiful ormoulu redone in the 19th century.

Height: 38.5 cm, wheelbase: 25 cm, total depth: 53 cm.

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18th century
Pair Of Andirons Circa 1720