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Dancer - Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934)
Dancer - Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934) - Paintings & Drawings Style Art nouveau Dancer - Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934) -
Ref : 101946
Period :
20th century
Artist :
Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934)
Provenance :
Medium :
Mixed media on paper
Dimensions :
l. 7.28 inch X H. 10.83 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Dancer - Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934) 20th century - Dancer - Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934)
Art Revival

Fine arts - Decorative Arts

Dancer - Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934)

Dancer with a veil by Armand Rassenfosse (1862-1934).
Born in Liège to parents who were art and antiques dealers, Rassenfosse was immersed in the artistic and cultural milieu of the ardent city. He trained himself in the art of drawing, but his meeting with Félicien Rops in Paris was decisive in his career. A prolific exchange began between the two artists which led to the development of engraving processes and a deep friendship. Rassenfosse drew relentlessly throughout his life, mainly women, the main source of his inspiration and aesthetic research.
Armand Rassenfosse was famous as a poster artist, engraver, drawer and also painter during the second half of his life.

Dimensions frame : width 31.5 cm height : 39.5 cm

Art Revival


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