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Silver nine-light Chandelier - Spain 17th century
Silver nine-light Chandelier - Spain 17th century - Lighting Style Silver nine-light Chandelier - Spain 17th century - Silver nine-light Chandelier - Spain 17th century -
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18 000 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 43.31 inch | Ø 33.86 inch
Weight :
8.7 Kg
Lighting  - Silver nine-light Chandelier - Spain 17th century 17th century - Silver nine-light Chandelier - Spain 17th century
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Silver nine-light Chandelier - Spain 17th century

This exceptional silver chandelier was made in Spain during the 17th century. Of imposing size and significant weight, it demonstrates the quality of the chiselling and the extreme opulence of Spanish goldsmithing during the Golden Age, when silver was flowing in from the South American mines of Potosi and Mexico. It is a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional piece of 17th century silverware: many have been melted down over the centuries and those that remain are now often in religious buildings or in public collections.

Our chandelier is surmounted by a sculpted hemispherical cover to which six chains with architectural links are attached: three support a smaller openwork crown, placed high up, and three serve to carry the main bowl around which are attached the nine curved plant-shaped branches that can hold candles. This main bowl is structured on three levels: a crown decorated with alternating plant scrolls and medallions in relief to which the lights are attached, a central basin decorated with acanthus leaves and large medallions also in relief, under which we find a very light openwork architectural element as a pendant.

The ornamental grammar, typical of Spanish Renaissance art, heralds the Baroque period: acanthus leaves and plant scrolls, large medallions in relief, architectural motifs on the chains and the pendant.

The overall balance of this chandelier evokes the votive lamps which were used in shrines, as the intermediate crown could be used to hang a glass receptacle containing a candle or an oil lamp. The presence of the nine lights and the absence of religious motifs suggest however a secular purpose for this exceptional piece.

As is often the case in Spanish silverware, no elements have been hallmarked. While the whole chandelier dates from the 17th century, the bobèches on the nine lights (also in silver) are modern and are either recent additions or replacements for missing elements. They are the only non-original parts of the chandelier.

This chandelier has not yet been electrified and is therefore preserved in its original state. However, it would be possible to pierce its cover to electrify it, either by fitting the nine lights with bulbs or by installing a crown of LEDs inside the main bowl.

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