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Portrait of a Man in Armour
Portrait of a Man in Armour - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XIV Portrait of a Man in Armour - Portrait of a Man in Armour - Louis XIV
Ref : 100313
Period :
17th century
Dimensions :
l. 45.28 inch X H. 61.81 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Portrait of a Man in Armour 17th century - Portrait of a Man in Armour
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Portrait of a Man in Armour

Portrait representing a man wearing a wig and a lace ruffle. The left hand is put over an armet, and the right hand is up to the silver pommel of his sword.
After Largillière's work
Use restorations
H. 157 x W. 115 cm (with frame)

It might be a portrait of Charles d'Aubigné (1634-1708), Madame de Maintenon's brother, who was rised up to the rank of Peer of France by Louis XIV, who also made him duke of Maintenon, knight of the Holy-Spirit and Commander of the Royal Guard.

The military portrait, which allows the client to symbolically represent his importance, becomes very fashionnable during the 16th century until the 18th century where it reaches its peak. This genre of painting goes hand in hand with the Court portrait, since only the major ones could pretend to such an affirmation of their power. The military portrait is also influenced by the Historical painting that is, under Louis XIV's reign, the most valued genre. Great names, as Charles le Brun or Hyacinthe Rigaud, have left fine examples of it.

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17th Century Oil Painting Louis XIV