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Alexandre Hougron


Alexandre Hougron

85 rue des Rosiers
Stand 10, Allée 1
93400 Saint-Ouen

+33 (0)6 99 23 31 31


Expert in Chinese ceramics and works of art of the Ming and Qing dynasties for the Compagnie Nationale des Experts (National Company of Experts) and author of the only book published on Chinese porcelain for 30 years in France, "La Céramique Chinoise Ancienne" (Les Éditions de l'Amateur, 2015), Alexandre Hougron awaits you at Stand 10, Allée 1 of the Biron Market with a selection of quality Chinese or Japanese antique objects, ceramics, paintings and furniture. Passionate and committed since 2006 through his conferences and researches on Chinese art in the fight of CNE experts against the dissemination of copies and fakes, he also offers his advice, skills and expertise to anyone wishing to form a collection of Asian art.
All his objects are sold with a certificate of authenticity and, at the client's request, with an analytical file that puts the purchased object into perspective with similar artefacts in museums, private collections and of course with the results of international auction houses.
“Behind any great collection, there is, they say, a great dealer. Today one can no longer be merely an Antique Dealer without being also an Expert, Researcher and above all Adviser for the clients who come to us in this field so full of the pitfalls of buying an Asian antique.
Since 2006, when I left teaching to become an art dealer, I have tried to import my years of teaching and my training years at Ecole Normale Supérieure into my practice as a dealer, that is to say the spirit of rigor, sincerity, an ethic of honesty, and above all of humility, because the arts and a fortiori Chinese art are an inexhaustible source of challenges and inner progress.
I do not only aim to be, if I may be allowed to express myself, a "transmitter" of authentic works of art, I also want to give to the people who do us the honor of doing us trust everything I know about these beautiful items, which finally will validate the financial interest of their acquisition as much as the spiritual and intellectual enrichment that these objects will procure for their new owner. "Alexandre Hougron, 2019


Sunday and Saturday from 10:30 am to 18 pm


  • Asian Art


  • CNE
    Compagnie Nationale des Experts

New Arrivals by Alexandre Hougron

17th century
Night Concert, China Ming Dynasty
Night Concert, China Ming Dynasty

4 000 €

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