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Semi nude - Claude Goutin (1930-2018)
Semi nude - Claude Goutin (1930-2018) - Sculpture Style 50
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Claude Goutin (1930-2018)
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 16.54 inch X H. 42.13 inch X P. 10.63 inch
Sculpture  - Semi nude - Claude Goutin (1930-2018)
Galerie Michel Giraud

Decorative and modern Art

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Semi nude - Claude Goutin (1930-2018)

Original bronze proof which appears to have come directly from an archaeological site, as might an ancient ceramic, found broken but skillfully reassembled. The uncompleted bodies also emphasize this connection to antiquity, as if they were witnesses to an ancient civilization rediscovered.
Armless and cropped at the knees, this sculpture unquestionably alludes to an ancient legacy.

This sculpture, unique piece, was created in 2011.
Signed: C. Goutin - Foundry: Bodin – Cast: 2/8 – 2017

Height: 46 ¼ in. Width: 12 ½ in. Depth: 9 ¼ in.


At a time archaic and poetic, his works sublime the space and create a dialogue between spirit and material. This apparent timelessness should not hide the legacy of modern artists: far from servile imitation, more than to reproduce a form, this work does evoke it. Undoubtedly feminine, the body is stylized: the breasts are conical, thighs are cylindrical and the neck is column shaped. Material and creative spirit bind together in order to express feelings.

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