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Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas
Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas  - Furniture Style Louis XVI Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas  - Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas  - Louis XVI Antiquités - Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas
Ref : 96624
21 000 €
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Joseph Gengenbach dit Canabas
Dimensions :
l. 22.05 inch X H. 29.92 inch X P. 19.69 inch
Furniture  - Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas 18th century - Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas Louis XVI - Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas Antiquités - Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas
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Rafraichissoir stamped Canabas

A mahogany table "rafraîchissoirs" opening with a belt drawer resting on a molded arched base joined by two crotch shelves ending in bronze.

The front part of the top is lined with white marble. The posterior part contains two seals and two oblong compartments in silver metal.

Parisian work from the Transition Louis XV - Louis XVI period around 1770 stamped J.CANABAS.

Joseph Gengenbach dit Canabas, cabinetmaker received master in 1766

This cooler perfectly illustrates the production of cabinetmaker Canabas: small pieces of furniture in solid mahogany for the most part, with pure lines with very few bronze ornaments. Canabas, whose production quality is incomparable, was a pioneer in the execution of utility and light pieces of furniture intended for the service during dinners of assemblies in the absence of domesticity in a room then new: the dining room. Our cooler, with two compartments for holding buckets to cool, is perfectly in line with this trend from England.

Among the models kept in museums, a pair from the Louvre (donation of Madame Blard, 1994) as well as the Hôtel Nissim de Camondo (S. Legrand-Rossi, Le Mobilier du Musée Nissim de Camondo, Editions Faton, 2009, page 65). An unstamped copy is in the Jacquemart-André museum (N. de Reyniès, Le Mobilier Domestique, Editions du Patrimoine, page 340, fig 1340).

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