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Pair of marble wings, Italy, 16th Century
Pair of marble wings, Italy, 16th Century - Sculpture Style
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Period :
BC to 10th century
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Dimensions :
H. 20.08 inch
Sculpture  - Pair of marble wings, Italy, 16th Century
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Pair of marble wings, Italy, 16th Century

Once part of a large sculpture, this refined pair of marble wings belonged to the a figure of a young cherub or winged putto, carved in Italy in the late 16th Century.
Winged cherubs are a classic motif of Italian art and, after the contribution of Donatello that infused Christian meanings in the figure of winged infants already common in ancient art, they have been ornamenting both religious and secular works created through the centuries and spanning from Renaissance to the Baroque.
Both the right and left wings are in excellent state and preserve every detailed of the artist’s work. The sculptural modelling of the plumage is remarkable, considerable attention was paid to the shape, position and length of each feather. The quality of the carving and the fascinating patina that the marble developed make these wings tiny yet precious example of early Italian baroque sculpture.

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