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Charles the V conquering Africa
Charles the V conquering Africa - Paintings & Drawings Style Charles the V conquering Africa - Charles the V conquering Africa -
Ref : 93269
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Flandres (South-Netherlands)
Medium :
Ink on paper
Dimensions :
l. 10.71 inch X H. 14.72 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Charles the V conquering Africa 17th century - Charles the V conquering Africa
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Charles the V conquering Africa

"Charles V Seizing Africa", black stone, brown ink pen, brown and gray ink wash, white enhancement on brown paper set in cone tile on paper. By Jacob Neefs and the workshop of Gaspar de Crayer. Flemish school.
Period: around 1635- 1636. See the collection stamp of Count Moriz von Fries and the inscription "1206" in the lower left corner. Model for the engraving after one of the 8 pictures painted by Gaspar de Crayer for the triumphal arches erected in Ghent on the occasion of the Joyeuse
Entrance of the Cardinal-infant Ferdinand of Spain in 1635, now in Ghent (STAM, inv. 1108). The engraving in question was published the following year in a volume commemorating the event: Guillielmus BECANUS,
Serenissimi Principis Ferdinandi Hispaniarum lnfantis S.R.E. Cardinalis Introitus in Flandriae Metropolim Gandavum,
Antwerp, 1636, plate 23. The dimensions of the drawing are in almost perfect correspondence with the engraving (cf. e.g. 372 x 277 mm for the copy kept in New York, MET, inv. 51.501.7423). The engraving shows the orientation of the merne as well as the drawing and the painting. The presence of a tile setting suggests that the draftsman had access to a sketch that came directly from
directly from Gaspar de Crayer's studio. The fact that the pencil lines have been retouched in ink, obviously by another hand, again suggests a first intervention on this drawing by Gaspar de Crayer's workshop, before it was completed according to the standards of a model to be engraved by Jacob Neefs.

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