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Rare naive cabinet
Rare naive cabinet - Furniture Style Middle age
Ref : 92870
Period :
11th to 15th century
Provenance :
France, Béarn ou Côte-Basque
Dimensions :
L. 50.39 inch X H. 67.32 inch X P. 16.93 inch
Galerie Gabrielle Laroche

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Rare naive cabinet

Opening with four door-leaves this cabinet is an exceptional example of regional furniture. Its building is rather simple while the decor is particularly rich and carefully executed. No doubt this domestic cabinet was made by a local artisan or even by its very first owners.

This cabinet is built with a strong armature whose jambs are flat sealed thanks to large nails.

The facade is divided in three registers both horizontally and vertically. The first two registers open with a central door leaf while the upper part opens thanks to two lateral door leaves. Each door is made of a thick wood panel secured by two iron hinges. They close with small iron latches.

The decor spreads symmetrically on each side of the central part. This ornamentation has been carved in surface with a knife as it is characteristic of this mountainous region.

The decor comprises roses, wheels and friezes of coups-d'ongles. To make this geometrical « planisculpture » the artisan would use a ruler and a compass. A knife was enough to make notches and a diversity of blade shapes would be used to carve cavities and reliefs. The cabinet-maker could vary the ornamentation playing with the composition and the association of motifs.

Because of its structure and its well composed geometric decor on the facade this cabinet is characteristic of Alpine productions.

Literature :
Coll. Le meuble régional en France, Éditions de la Réunion des musées nationaux, Paris, 1990

Galerie Gabrielle Laroche


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