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Remarkable Louis XV period "Marquise"
Remarkable Louis XV period "Marquise" - Seating Style Louis XV Remarkable Louis XV period "Marquise" - Remarkable Louis XV period "Marquise" - Louis XV
Ref : 90705
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Felix Leroy
Provenance :
Medium :
Beech wood
Dimensions :
l. 29.53 inch X H. 34.65 inch X P. 22.44 inch
Seating  - Remarkable Louis XV period "Marquise" 18th century - Remarkable Louis XV period "Marquise"
Galerie Delvaille

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Remarkable Louis XV period "Marquise"

This "Marquise" is stamped by Felix Leroy, a master carpenter who is not well known for the quality of his work. The correctness of the proportions of this seat, the nervousness of the curves, the finesse and the abundance of the sculpture make us think more of a work by Tillard or Heurtault.

The "marquises" are sometimes unsightly and uncomfortable because of their disproportionate width. The flat-backed marquise known "à la Reine", made of natural beech, has an intermediate width between the "bergère" and the "marquise": the balance is much more harmonious and the comfort exceptional.

The shoulders are decorated with a beautiful acanthus leaf, framing a deep floral pattern. The front belt is finely carved with a deep and nervous asymmetrical pattern, composed of a plant cartouche, and framed by two beautiful clasps that are repeated on the side belts. Also noteworthy is the carved clasp at the level of the armrest.

The legs of this seat are remarkable: the arches are very pronounced and above, the bouquets of flowers are in volume.

Between the end of the foot, finely carved with acanthus leaves, and the top of the foot, there is a double scroll, which highlights the quality of the molding.

As for a traditional "marquise", the back is low, giving this seat a collected line.

The condition of this seat is excellent, it retains all its original woods without "enture" or crosspiece redone. It has been entirely restored in carpentry as in upholstery by the best craftsmen

Galerie Delvaille


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