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Portrait of the Countess of Buffon dated 1788
Ref : 89563
12 000 €
Period :
18th century
Dimensions :
l. 19.29 inch X H. 25.2 inch
Galerie Étienne Lévy

18th century Furniture and Works of Art

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Portrait of the Countess of Buffon dated 1788

The Countess of Buffon is represented wearing a white muslin dress belted with a purple satin ribbon. A black hat adorned with feathers is placed on a mahogany table beside her. While her fit illustrates the couple's Anglophilia, the living room decoration shows that the picture was painted in France. She is leaning against a white marble mantelpiece whose frame is decorated with a famous antique composition of Psyche and Love. A letter placed on the shelf ends with the phrase "I am coming". This, together with the watch held by the young woman and the dog of fidelity at her feet, forms a common allegory of waiting in love.

Dated lower left 1788

The sitter of this portrait has been identified through a plate repeating this oval composition, enameled by William Hopkins Craft who signed, dated (1790) and named the subject depicted (former Pelham collection).
The daughter-in-law of the famous naturalist and mistress of the Duc d'Orléans, accompanied the latter to England during his travels.

Galerie Étienne Lévy


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