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Holy family in alabaster, 16th century
Holy family in alabaster, 16th century  - Religious Antiques Style
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Period :
<= 16th century
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 5.51 inch X H. 7.48 inch
Religious Antiques  - Holy family in alabaster, 16th century
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Holy family in alabaster, 16th century

This object represents here, the holy family, accompanied and protected in heaven by God. It is in round bump and in perfect condition.

The alabaster is a material, used in stone cutting and sculpture.
We find its trace from antiquity and returns only force to the twelfth century and the Renaissance White and translucent when pure, alabaster is often associated with various oxides, especially iron, which give it various colors (yellow, brown, red, orange, pink), often divided into strips.

This group in round bump (sculpture in relief that stands out from the background) probably represents the holy family.
On the left, Mary, in the center the young Jesus, and on the right Joseph recognizable by the stick he holds in his hand.
Above, God or the representation of the future Jesus sacrificed and resurrected, for he is holding what appears to be a crucigerous orb, symbol of Christ's spiritual domination over the world and on earth.

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