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Goldscheider - Terracotta of Antar, Cheddad's son
Goldscheider - Terracotta of Antar, Cheddad's son - Sculpture Style Art nouveau
Ref : 84386
4 000 €
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Arthur Strasser pour Goldsheider
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
H. 27.95 inch
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Art Deco - Art Nouveau - Tribal Art - Ceramics

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Goldscheider - Terracotta of Antar, Cheddad's son

Friedrich Goldscheider (1845-1897) very beautiful polychrome sculpture by Arthur Strasser (1854-1927) Viennese sculptor and painter, who made several sculptures for Goldscheider.

For the story :

“Antar was an Arab warrior and poet, son of Emir Cheddad and Zebiba, a black slave acquired in a raid, he obtained the rank of a free man for his bravery. He died standing on his horse, from a poisoned arrow, bringing back the thousand Açafir camels who were to give him the right to marry Abla the daughter of King Zoheir. "

Model N°903

Origin :

Jourdan-Barry / Pellecuer / Maurin collection .

Bibliography :

- Page 24 and 68 in Goldscheider by O. Pinhas Ed. R. Dennis 2006.

- Page 224 N° 5 in Terres cuites orientalistes et africanistes, by Stéphane Richemond, les éditions de l’amateur 1999.

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Terracotta Sculpture Art nouveau