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David James (1853-1904) seascape "The incoming Tide"
David James (1853-1904) seascape "The incoming Tide" - Paintings & Drawings Style
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18 500 €
Period :
19th century
Artist :
David James (1853-1904)
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 62.2 inch X H. 37.01 inch
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David James (1853-1904) seascape "The incoming Tide"

19th century seascape "The incoming Tide" by David James

This captivating painting marvellously captures the intensity of the wild sea in Cornwall, with a fortress visible in the distance (possibly St. Michaels' Mount). It is wonderful depiction of nature’s force and beauty. David James (1853-1904) was a distinguished British painter renowned for his evocative seascapes and maritime subjects. Born in 1853, James spent much of his life near the coast, drawing inspiration from the ever-changing sea. Though details about his early life and formal artistic training remain sparse, his work speaks volumes about his deep understanding and appreciation of the maritime world. James's paintings are celebrated for their realistic portrayal of the sea in various states, from calm and serene waters to tumultuous, stormy waves. His attention to detail and masterful use of light and shadow allowed him to capture the movement and energy of the ocean with striking realism. The interplay of light on water and the dynamic force of waves crashing against rocky shores are recurring themes in his work, demonstrating his technical prowess and keen observational skills. Throughout his career, David James exhibited his works at several prestigious venues, including the Royal Academy in London, which was a significant achievement and testament to his artistic talent. His paintings were well-received by both critics and collectors, who admired his ability to bring the sea to life on canvas. His popularity grew during his lifetime, and his works were sought after by art collectors who appreciated the atmospheric and emotive quality of his seascapes. James's contribution to maritime art is significant. He was part of a broader movement of 19th-century artists who were captivated by the natural world and sought to represent it with fidelity and emotion. His seascapes stand out for their dramatic compositions and the palpable sense of the sea's power and majesty. David James passed away in 1904, but his legacy endures through his paintings, which continue to be appreciated for their beauty and technical excellence. His works are housed in various public and private collections, allowing new generations to experience the splendor of his seascapes. Today, David James is remembered as one of the foremost painters of maritime subjects in his era, a master of capturing the ever-changing moods and movements of the sea.

Dimensions: Oil on canvas ca. 62 by 127 cms With the frame ca. 94 by 158 cms

Provenance: Private collection UK

Signed and dated 94 lower right.

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