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Giacinto Brandi (1621-1691) - The Finding Of Moses
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Period :
17th century
Artist :
Giacinto Brandi (1621-1691)
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
L. 16.93 inch X l. 11.42 inch
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Giacinto Brandi (1621-1691) - The Finding Of Moses

Giacinto Brandi (1621-1691)
The Finding of Moses

Pen and brown ink, brown wash
43.2 x 29 cm
Inscription "Agostino Tassi" at the bottom, and on the verso "Brandi Gonzo?". On the verso, study of figures in red chalk.

Private collection, France

Presentation of the Artist and the Work
Giacinto Brandi, born in 1621 in Poli near Rome, was a prominent Italian Baroque painter. Initially trained by his father, Giovanni Battista Brandi, and later influenced by the sculptor Alessandro Algardi, it was under the guidance of Giovanni Lanfranco that Brandi truly developed his distinctive style. Although his apprenticeship with Lanfranco lasted only two years, its impact was felt throughout his career.

Brandi distinguished himself with his eclectic approach, incorporating Lanfranco's refined brushwork and the dramatic chiaroscuro inspired by Mattia Preti. He contributed to numerous prestigious artistic projects, such as the frescoes of the Palazzo Barberini and the decoration of several Roman Baroque churches, including San Carlo al Corso and Sant'Andrea al Quirinale.

The presented drawing, "The Finding of Moses," is a valuable testament to his skill as a draftsman. This work depicts a key episode from Exodus, where the infant Moses is discovered in the Nile by Pharaoh's daughter, a theme popular since the Renaissance for its narrative and visual richness. The quality of the line and the mastery of the brown wash demonstrate Brandi's competence, while the inscription on the verso adds an additional historical dimension.

Drawings by Giacinto Brandi are relatively rare, which gives this sheet particular value. Their attributions in old collections are infrequent, making each discovery all the more significant. When compared to certified works like "Phryne before her judges" at the Musée Bonnat or "Figures seeking refuge during the Deluge" at the British Museum, this sheet fits perfectly within the artist's known corpus. The rarity and quality of Brandi's drawings make them sought-after pieces for collectors and art historians, offering valuable insights into the vibrant artistic landscape of 17th-century Rome.

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