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leda And The Swan, Italy, 18th Century
leda And The Swan, Italy, 18th Century - Paintings & Drawings Style Louis XVI leda And The Swan, Italy, 18th Century -
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18th century
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Paintings & Drawings  - leda And The Swan, Italy, 18th Century
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Paintings, works of art from 15th to 18th century

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leda And The Swan, Italy, 18th Century

"Leda and the Swan', Italy, 18th century

Fine coloured pencil painting on parchment paper depicting the myth of Leda and the swan.

Central Italy, 1700

Dimensions: 39x31cm

with frame: 49.5x41.5cm

According to Greek mythology, Leda, Queen of Sparta and mother of Clytemnestra and Helen - the one who is said to have caused the outbreak of the Trojan War - was sleeping on the banks of a small lake when she was approached by a white swan, which was the animal into which Zeus had transformed himself in order to possess her. Leda was stunned by the scent of ambrosia and the action of the animal's neck on her body. Once the sexual intercourse was over, Zeus announced that from their union two twins would be born, the Diòscuri: Càstore, a great horse tamer, and Pollúce, an invincible boxer. Since Càstore was mortal and Pollux immortal, the latter wanted to be mortal for love of his brother. Zeus, moved to pity, decreed that each of them should live one day, alive, on Olympus and the next day, dead, in Erebus, thus exchanging places.

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Numero 7 Antiquariato


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